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Lusoatlantis is a certified brand according to the highest international standards of quality and food safety. The deep knowledge of the sector, competent professionals,great partners , modern and technologically adjusted facilities, are some of the features that allow us to ensure the highest quality, accuracy and effectiveness.


We have at our disposal a wide selection of resources and partners, as well as an optimized working process that allows us to respond to requests promptly and effectively, without ever compromising either the quality of the final product or the customer's satisfaction.


Catfish fillet, shrimp, cod, hake, sardines, squid tentacles, sprats, mixed seafoods, clam, mussels, plaice, and many more. Lusoatlantis offers its clients a wide range of product references


Our work methodology has been developed in order to ensure the best quality product and a high quality service. Our clientes know that they find at Lusoatlantis a dynamic, professional, and dedicated team that ensures the most appropriate response to their specific needs.


At Lusoatlantis we present excellent value for money and our prices are among the most competitiveof the industry. Quality doesn't have to be expensive and high quality solutions at a low cost is our continually aspire aim for maximum satisfaction.

Lusoatlantis in a minute

What we do

Purchase, sale and outsourcing of processed seafood and seafood based products.

Who do we work for?

Wholesale trade, packaging and processing plants, distribution

Where we operate?

We export quality for all over the world

What sets us apart?

Quality, speed and credibility

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Who we are

Lusoatlantis is a Paulo Machado & Irmão, Lda. brand, dedicated to the trading of frozen food, especially fish, shellfish and cephalopods.