Whatever the market, we believe in creating partnerships and in continuous improvement to keep our client satisfaction at the highest level.

Reference in the industry at national and international level

Lusoatlantis has a unique ability to adapt to the needs of any market. The experience gathered over the years gives the company and its stakeholders clearly recognised added value.

The flexibility and the ability to fit customer needs, enable Lusoatlantis to respond with speed, quality and efficiency in its working relations with stockists, distributors, fish-processing plants and hypermarkets.

Between the future objectives of Lusoatlantis is our market development and expansion, either downstream or upstream in the commercial circuit.

The company has also been focusing on intensifying its international presence, in particular as regards to Eastern European markets.

Referência no sector a nível nacional e internacional

Want to be our partner?

We are constantly searching for new ways to enhance and improve our offering to the market. If you believe your company has what it takes to be part of Lusoatlantis' partners network, please contact us. Together we can reach even further.

We are known for our quality and prompt response.

Lusoatlantis in a minute

What we do

Purchase, sale and outsourcing of processed seafood and seafood based products.

Who do we work for?

Wholesale trade, packaging and processing plants, distribution

Where we operate?

We export quality for all over the world

What sets us apart?

Quality, speed and credibility

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Who we are

Lusoatlantis is a Paulo Machado & Irmão, Lda. brand, dedicated to the trading of frozen food, especially fish, shellfish and cephalopods.